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The quality of K-12 education is an important criterion for retention of the military family. The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is charged with the critical responsibility and privilege of educating the children of our nation's military. Recognizing that over 1.1M military-connected students attend public schools, leveraging partnerships with school districts is paramount in influencing successful educational outcomes for military-connected students.  Consequently, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 provided DoDEA the authority to share resources with public schools that educate military-connected students. From 2009 to current, over 475 grants have been awarded by DoDEA, totaling over $522 million in investments for LEAs serving military-connected students. DoDEA's Grant Program has reached over 3.2 million students in over 3,100 school districts across the country. Click here to learn more about the DoDEA Grant Program Functions and Commitment to "Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Every Where".


Grantee Spotlight

Dr. Kristin Cook led an exhilarating journey at Sigsbee Charter School, sparking creativity and critical thinking in DoDEA students using PBL! Let's ignite a love for learning and innovation!                  #STEMEducation #ProjectBasedLearning

Problem based Learning in STEM



The Pennsylvania State University Clearinghouse will be hosting Open Office Hours soon. Open Office Hours are meant to help our partners learn how to tackle real-world problems and challenges through monthly collaborative learning sessions. The sessions are short and are meant to provide real-time guidance and resources from researchers and implementation specialists from the Clearinghouse at no cost to you. Our discussions are guided by the questions and needs of the participants so can be tailored to whatever topics are of interest to those who attend.
Sessions are held monthly on Mondays at 1500 EST throughout the year. The next session is September 25th at 1500 EST. You can sign up for this or any of the sessions here:
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DoDEA ETAC Social Media Share-Out Form - The following link allows DoDEA grantees to share their grant stories, resources, highlights, and receive post approval for DoDEA ETAC's social media channels. 

We encourage all attendees to share their favorite moments during the event by using the #OnwardDoDEA2023 and #dodeagrants on their social media platforms
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DoDEA Grantees

Click on a state to view information about current grantees in that state and their grant projects. For more information about any of the grant projects, please contact us.