The Department of Defense Education Activity

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is a field activity of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. DoDEA's mission is to plan, direct, coordinate, and manage the education programs for eligible dependents of U.S. military personnel and civilian personnel of the Department of Defense. DoDEA is globally positioned, operating 164 accredited schools in 8 districts located in 11 foreign countries, 7 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. DoDEA employs approximately 15,000 employees who serve more than 71,000 children of active duty military and DoD civilian families. DoDEA is committed to ensuring that all school-aged children of military families are provided a world-class education that prepares them for postsecondary education and/or career success and to be leading contributors in their communities as well as in our 21st century globalized society.


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DoDEA Education Partnership and Resources Branch

The DoDEA Education Partnership and Resources Branch provides outreach to military-connected local education agencies (LEAs) to support academic achievement and positive educational opportunities outcomes for military children. Through a variety of outreach initiatives, such as working collaboratively with the U.S. Department of Education, managing a robust grant program, and providing training and development opportunities, the DoDEA Education Partnership and Resources branch champions quality educational opportunities for all military children. Since 2009, DoDEA has awarded 559 grants, totaling over $522 million. These grants serve more than 3.2 million students, including more than 713,000 military-connected students in more than 3,100 military-connected public schools nationwide.

The Evaluation Technical Assistance Center

The U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) has contracted with Safal Partners and MN Associates to provide the DoDEA Education Partnership and Resources Branch with technical assistance and resources in grant monitoring, program accountability reporting, and evaluation. New in 2018, is the updated Evaluation Technical Assistance Center’s (ETAC) online resource center dedicated to helping grantees build their evaluation and reporting capacity. The new ETAC website and reporting portal will provide access to online resources and give grantees access to evaluation and education experts to assist as challenges are encountered or resources are needed to support their grant strategies and goals. ETAC expands the reach of the grant program by creating award-winning publications for educators that include portable, successful strategies to support military-connected youth.

ETAC's Mission

  • Build the evaluation capacity of project directors and evaluators
  • Monitor grantees’ evaluation activities
  • Facilitate data collection, management, and grant reporting
  • Design and deliver professional learning opportunities

ETAC will...

  • Serve as a critical friend
  • Design an environment for evaluation capacity building
  • Provide professional development to increase the awareness, and use of, evaluation
  • Offer resources to conduct quality evaluations
  • Create opportunities for DoDEA staff and grantees to share lessons learned



DoDEA Staff


Kathleen Facon
Chief, Education Partnership and Resources


Jennifer Dailey-Perkins
Grant Program Manager

Kristy Pitts

Kristy Pitts
Education Programs Specialist