Bellevue, NE
United States

Grantee Name
Bellevue Public Schools

Located in Bellevue, Nebraska, Bellevue Public Schools (BPS) submits this proposal for Project Career Launch with two overarching objectives: 1) Raise reading literacy for students in grades K-12, and 2) Expand the district’s Health Sciences program to support increasing students earning college dual credit hours. The rationale for Project Career Launch is based in our needs assessment. Analyses of data from the 2018-19 year reveal that approximately 40% of the district’s military-connected students do not demonstrate proficiency on the state’s end-of-year English/Language Arts exam for grades 3-8 and 11. And, there are large achievement gaps for racial/ethnic minorities and low-income students. There is a need to improve reading literacy and reduce achievement gaps. Our needs assessment also documents a pronounced need for health science career workers in the surrounding Omaha area where Offutt Air Force Base is located. Presently, BPS offers only three health science-related courses and only one of these offers dual credit enrollment. There is a need to build out a Health Sciences career pathway that offers increased opportunity for students to earn college dual credit hours. Per our need to improve reading literacy, key project activities will implement district-wide online reading diagnostic and instructional platforms with supporting professional development for staff. Per our need to build out a Health Sciences career pathway, key activities will expand and align Health Sciences courses with local IHEs to increase students’ opportunity for dual credit hours from the present 4 hours to more than 25 hours.

Program title
Project Career Launch