Columbia, SC
United States

Grantee Name
Richland School District Two

Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC proposes the The Whole Child Initiative that will be implemented at thirteen elementary schools (Bethel Hanberry, Bookman Road, Bridge Creek, Catawba Trail, Center for Achievement, Center for Inquiry, Killian, Lake Carolina Upper & Lower, Langford, Rice Creek, Round Top, and Sandlapper Elementary Schools) and two middle schools (Blythewood and Muller Road). These schools proudly serve a total of 1,245 military-connected students. The initiative is based on the Whole Child theoretical approach that asserts when students learn in a positive school climate that offers long-term, secure relationships that support academic, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, student achievement increases significantly. This comprehensive project has two clear goals: 1) Increase academic outcomes of military dependent elementary students in math. 2) Increase academic outcomes for military-connected middle school students in math. These goals have been developed based on the needs of student students served at the participating schools. The initiative employs only research-based instructional strategies that have demonstrated effectiveness in improving academic achievement. The Health Sciences priority will be incorporated through increased physical fitness and the Safety Around Water (SAW) Program.

Professional learning specialists will provide intensive training in math. In-class curriculum and instructional support, extra-curricular field trips, after-school tutoring for struggling students, and in-class technology support are key programmatic activities. The School Liaison Officer at Fort Jackson and the local YMCA are dedicated collaborative partners that will provide assistance as the initiative progresses with fidelity of implementation.

Program title
The Whole Child Initiative