Wichita Falls, TX
United States

Grantee Name
Wichita Falls Independent School District

On your mark. Get set. Grow! Wichita Falls ISD is ready to watch our military-connectedstudents succeed in academics and physical wellness, equipping them for life as smarter,healthier individuals. Sheppard Elementary and West Foundation Elementary will engagestudents through challenging and fun learning activities that will build their STEAM proficiencyas well as support their academic achievement in math. In-class tutoring will allow for twocertified teachers to help facilitate student-led, small group instruction giving students theindividual attention that is sometimes needed to help them be successful. While this is a STEAMLiteracy focused grant, it will also provide time to focus on student physical and mindfulwellness. This project will support a comprehensive system of enrichment activities, includingbut not limited to: after-school STEAM clubs, field trips, family learning nights, and 60 minutesof daily physical activity. Teachers will take time to teach students about their physical andmental well-being as well as their academic needs. Outcomes will be determined through passingscores on end-of-year assessments in math and Fitnessgram testing results. Wichita Falls ISD hasset a goal of increasing each of these data points by 10% during the grant cycle. It is the goal ofthis project to help foster skill and confidence in students through STEAM learning and mindfulhealth awareness.

Program title
On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow: Enhancing Learning through STEAM Literacy and Mindful Wellness