Yelm, WA
United States

Grantee Name
Yelm Community Schools

Military connected students in Yelm Community Schools experience unique stressors that affect social and emotional health and wellness. In addition to the trauma and stress that affects all students, military connected students face high mobility, parent deployment, and variable school demographics. Because military connected students often have high resiliency, their social and emotional health may suffer, with few outward signs of distress. In order to support military connected students, Yelm Community Schools must implement a system of universal social-emotional health screening along with a Multi-tiered System of Support. This DoDEA project will assist Yelm Community Schools’ effort to support the diverse social and emotional needs of military connectedstudents by integrating social-emotional learning and cultural competency into elementary and middle school classrooms.

Program title
Supporting Student Social-Emotional Health and Wellness